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  1. Benjamin wolt

    Insane Indica. Keeps my head clear, but relieves all my pain, headaches, and sleep problems. My favorite strain I have ever gotten. Also cool that it’s Wiz’s 😎 Thanks i received my package.

    Khalifa KushKhalifa Kush

  2. thormas steve

    As someone who struggles with anxiety and bi-polar cannabis has helped a lot. Unfortunately I have found any strain with even a small amount of sativa causes mania and paranoia with uncontrollable shakes. I have been looking for a pure indica strain and this is THE ONE. This one gives an amazing anx

    Northern LightsNorthern Lights

  3. Mary_Jane_Stoner

    Super relaxing, perfect for schlumping at the end of the day but you’re still functional enough to stay awake and enjoy your end-of-day sesh. I like to think of this strain as a great “decompressor”

    Wedding CakeWedding Cake

  4. Donoperales1024

    I’m high as hell, good strain, uplifting, makes me happy

    Amnesia HazeAmnesia Haze

  5. mark grey

    Gives you a great happy high. You think a lot and talk to your friends about the weirdest subjects. When alone you find yourself in deep thought. After the initial high comes down you plateau into a Nirvana state of life stresses lifted off your shoulders. This last quite sometime. So good high, ama.

    Platinum OGPlatinum OG

  6. Pt thomas

    Great smoke with a slightly delayed hit that leaves you feeling creative and smiley. Contact users beware of occasional severe dry eye. A great weed to do work or listen to music to, Durban Poison is definitely my go-to sativa

    Durban PoisonDurban Poison

  7. miss jacky

    Magical, dreamy, powerful anesthetic, feels like floating on ethereal sparkly purple clouds. Life is a wonderment on GDP

    Granddaddy purpleGranddaddy purple

  8. prince pety

    why havent i tried this before! love it! feeling good

    Blueberry KushBlueberry Kush

  9. ascensionpioneer

    My favorite strain that I’ve tried. Very uplifting and energizing. I get so much done with this one.thanks i recieved my packages

    Durban PoisonDurban Poison

  10. John lucas

    Very relaxing full body high that lets you sink into the couch and get lost in your thoughts.great service

    Blueberry KushBlueberry Kush

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