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  1. morgan T

    This is a fun strain. Good for trying to get things done

    jack herer jack herer

  2. ustine lye

    This is a great strain for being creative! I smoked and spent hours on my art pieces

    Sour Diesel Sour Diesel

  3. mk holl

    Best strain I’ve ever tried. So sticky and covered in crystals. Made me so chatty and giggly and motivated but super clumsy at the same time so doing work was tricky. But it was fun to smoke hanging out doing nothing. Made music lovely, doesn’t grind up to much but is a very slow gorgeous burn. Agai.

    Green Crack Green Crack

  4. Oliver lan

    Smoked one bowl. Could function as normal right after smoking. Then it hit. 15 minutes later and my pain melted away, I was relaxed, couch-locked, and HUNGRY. I felt a little euphoria swirling around at the front of my head (does that make sense?). 10/10 recommend for nighttime use after work and ob…packages received thanks

    Afghan Kush Afghan Kush

  5. louis w

    Definitely one of my favorites so far. Very chilled out and aroused. I wasn’t very productive for about an hour after one joint, but very euphoric

    Purple Haze Purple Haze

  6. John mason

    Very relaxing. I’m chilled alll the way out. Would definitely recommend.thanks for my packages

    Afghan Kush Afghan Kush

  7. Elijah mass

    Great night time medication! I have been reviewing medical marijuana for years, and I can’t believe I’ve never reviewed Blueberry Kush! The bag appeal is not to be missed. Big frosty, sticky, purple and green buds. The smoke was milder in flavor (blueberry) than I would like on the inhale and smooth…

    Blueberry Kush Blueberry Kush

  8. Daniel raff

    I’m relatively new but this one is my favorite so far (out of ~10 strains). Nice body high, very relaxed. Plus its badass name alone makes you want to smoke it

    Death Star Death Star

  9. mary j

    Jack, where have you been my entire life? I love this sativa! It is amazing how “high” you can feel, yet experience clean clear clarity, creativity, productiveness and an overall happy feeling. It is a light, airy high, matched with a light airy taste and inhale. I don’t feel like I am wearing this ..thanks for the great delivery

    jack herer jack herer

  10. sapphicbud

    easy to smoke, hits quick, lasts long, smells amazing and the high is great. u laugh a lot but you’re still calm and chill. absolutely loved it

    Amnesia Haze Amnesia Haze

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