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  1. Elijah mass

    Great night time medication! I have been reviewing medical marijuana for years, and I can’t believe I’ve never reviewed Blueberry Kush! The bag appeal is not to be missed. Big frosty, sticky, purple and green buds. The smoke was milder in flavor (blueberry) than I would like on the inhale and smooth…

    Blueberry KushBlueberry Kush

  2. Daniel raff

    I’m relatively new but this one is my favorite so far (out of ~10 strains). Nice body high, very relaxed. Plus its badass name alone makes you want to smoke it

    Death StarDeath Star

  3. sapphicbud

    easy to smoke, hits quick, lasts long, smells amazing and the high is great. u laugh a lot but you’re still calm and chill. absolutely loved it

    Amnesia HazeAmnesia Haze

  4. DanielZepeda

    This is an amazing strain with a ton of medicinal properties (terpines) with HIGH THC.. Pain is almost.. gone… I usually can never get my pain under 5.IAfter a half gram . I can say my pain is a 4.. Wonderful..

    Wedding CakeWedding Cake

  5. Sarahday ak

    Very energizing, makes me laugh .thanks for packages

    Green CrackGreen Crack

  6. martin wolf

    I vape GDP dist and it slaps you right away. Calming, relaxing and set you down for a bit goodness. Highly recommend

    Granddaddy purpleGranddaddy purple

  7. JaimeFluid

    A nice tasting flower and relaxing high

    Wedding CakeWedding Cake

  8. wk slam

    I love DP. I didn’t think I would love it but it gives me a pick up and go vibe that I wasn’t expecting

    Durban PoisonDurban Poison

  9. Rainissa Aiden

    Perfect strain for when you’re having unbearable cramps. Lots of orange hairs too, it’s a good body high. Definitely more of a night time strain I tend to knock out after smoking this Only con I have is if I decide to smoke this and stay up instead of going to sleep my anxiety gets triggered easily

    Death StarDeath Star

  10. Karmanicus

    Got 14 grams of the stuff. Toked at about 4pm, effects last hours. Really helps me get out of my anxieties for a bi

    Northern LightsNorthern Lights

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