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  1. John mass

    I really enjoyed it, I think it will help great with my anxiety

    Granddaddy purpleGranddaddy purple

  2. lanry brown

    Made our throats feel like they were closing up. Feel very heavy and relaxed, like i could fall asleep. I feel flowy. I feel like I’m taking slowly (but I’m actually talking normally). I’m hungry. Everything is very funny right now. I feel happy

    Godfather OGGodfather OG

  3. Andrew Walters

    Great Power hit. I suffer Chronic Insomnia. After 6 sleepless nights, I had a “chat”, with the Godfather OG. Had such a GREAT SLEEP. Good for appetite also. A REAL TREAT!!

    Godfather OGGodfather OG

  4. Williams Noah

    I have tried this strain when I was in Las Vegas for spring break. Great strain from Wiz Khalifa himself. Smells fruity with balanced effects. Great for day use and night out.

    Khalifa KushKhalifa Kush

  5. jhon robert

    Super relaxing and calming. Almost instantly relieved shoulder, back pain and headache

    Northern LightsNorthern Lights

  6. James mogan

    Good strand for social interaction during the day nothing for end of night going to bed use. Stays true to the celebrities personality when smoking this strain

    Khalifa KushKhalifa Kush

  7. lisa white

    Top shelf meds. Powerful, lasting head. Lots of fun . My new favorite

    Platinum OGPlatinum OG

  8. mk holl

    Best strain I’ve ever tried. So sticky and covered in crystals. Made me so chatty and giggly and motivated but super clumsy at the same time so doing work was tricky. But it was fun to smoke hanging out doing nothing. Made music lovely, doesn’t grind up to much but is a very slow gorgeous burn. Agai.

    Green CrackGreen Crack

  9. Oliver lan

    Smoked one bowl. Could function as normal right after smoking. Then it hit. 15 minutes later and my pain melted away, I was relaxed, couch-locked, and HUNGRY. I felt a little euphoria swirling around at the front of my head (does that make sense?). 10/10 recommend for nighttime use after work and ob…packages received thanks

    Afghan KushAfghan Kush

  10. John mason

    Very relaxing. I’m chilled alll the way out. Would definitely recommend.thanks for my packages

    Afghan KushAfghan Kush

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